Eco Cleaning Tips

Let us introduce to the ECO Friendly cleaning techniques which can help you not just save a lot of money but what is most important they can be an excellent way to keep you and your family away from all toxic, harmful cleaning products.
Please have a quick look at all Our Natural techniques and see what IRIS DOMESTIC CLEANING can do for you.

Windows and Mirrors – vinegar mixed with warm water and washing up liquid is ideal for glass. This will leave a smear free, clean, shiny area.

Stainless steel equipment such as cooker, fridge, splash back for a shiny effect- use vinegar to get rid of oily surface, leave area to dry. Follow by using a few drops of baby oil on a soft cloth. Done!

Wood – use beeswax to leave your furniture with a pleasant smell and great shine!


Stains – remove stains from wooden chopping boards and cloths. Mix lemon juice with water, apply and rinse.

Microwave – add lemon slice to small bowl of water, then microwave for 5 minutes and wipe clean. Never healthier, don’t you think?

Natural Limescale remover – use vinegar on taps, sinks, shower screens. Leave it on for 15 minutes then rinse.


Antibacterial fridge cleaner – use a mixture of a hot water with a vinegar and washing up liquid. Also perfect for kitchen surfaces and chopping boards.


IRIS DOMESTIC CLEANING uses professionally trained, vetted house cleaners who can clean your home in ECO Friendly manner.